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Welcome to the LoraBBS Homepage! This is where you will find out information about Lora BBS!! We are continuing the version left off from 2.99, and working on it for Windows and Linux. Keep checking here for more information, or, if you are interesed in helping, get in touch with us for more information!

2009.05.25 The State has begun implementing a new software program, to begin replacing the older legacy programs and mainframe applications. This is expected to take the next 3 years!

Work on Allfix is progressing slowly, and shortly there will be a Allfix/32 release for Windows. Once this is functioning properly, we will work on the Allfix/64 version

2009.08.14 Well, the unemployment rate keeps getting higher and higher. With that, coding at work has been at a all time high. With all the extensions and all, we have been working like crazy to get them updated.

Until the rate starts to drop, and all the extensions stop, might be a bit before we can get back to working on Lora and Allfix updates.

2009.07.15 Things have been put on hold for the last couple of months due to the new laws that have gone into effect, and as such, things have been busy at work updateing programs for these new changes. However now that things are starting to settle down, work will resume on getting more updates written.

Well, we mentioned that we were working on some other programs, that has now been released, and can be found at www.allfix.com. We are working with Bob on updating this software, and making it even better then before.

2009.04.18 We have finally got a VM of OS/2 Warp v4 setup, and working properly under Virtaul PC (which sucks as we have everything else running under VMWare Server 2.0) so, testing will start working to that. If anyone knows a good way to get OS/2 to work under VMWare, please contact me and let me know a good setup to do so.

Also, we have taken on updating some other Fidonet Software. I can not tell you which one, but keep an eye out for a new update to an old favorite. We will be working on getting Lora to tightly with it as we progress on the updates for both of these programs.

We have also setup a new area to keep track of the issues that arraise for bug tracking. We have also configured a wiki for Lora as well. Site details will be available as soon as we get everything fine tuned with the software.

2009.03.18 A new website design has been done, and updated.
The message base units have been compleatly re-written, and testing has begun on them. Since this is basicly a complete re-write of everything, there might be some new issues introduced, and several that have been cleaned up and corrected. More details will be coming soon.

One thing that has been changing, is there are only a Windows and a Linux version of the new software. We will be creating some Virtual Machines so that we can check out if the DOS and/or OS/2 version will still be maintained. Your input will also tell if these version should continue. DOS versions will be check against FreeDos, and the OS/2 will be against OS/2 Warp v3 (if we can get the guest systems to allow the OS2 Guest. We are updating our VM software as well to accomplish this)

2008.07.09 Well, the complete rewrite has been going slow, but moving along. Started working on the plugin features so that you can have only the features that you need/want and can even code some of your own. More on this as we get more of the plugins written.

2008.02.04 Started a new job that has me pretty busy currently. Working on the new Lora every spare minute that I can get. As this is a major rewrite of everything to move away from some of the libraries that are outdated and no longer being updated, it's taking quite a bit longer then anticipated.

2007.10.24 Work has resumed on Lora coding. We are already working on some big modifications for v3.

Feature requests are being accepted for the new version.
Some of the requests so far are the following!

  • Convert current configuration files to SQLite, MSSQL and MySQL
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